Invitation to Energy App Developers

Hello application developers! Genability will be releasing our first API’s soon, and we want to here from you. We are currently building the most accurate, comprehensive and detailed retail power pricing database (a.k.a tariffs). Residential data is first, closely followed by general service (commercial and industrial) and special uses, such as agriculture, lighting, government etc. We will be opening up this data so that others can access it and build pricing into their own apps.

Some ideas on how you might use retail price data:

If you are.. You could..
an Energy Efficiency or Management website Help your users understand their increasingly complex rate options
e.g. comparison and savings calculators
a Solar, Wind or other Distributed Generation provider Provide better Cost offset and ROI quotes
e.g.  GetSolar articule on utility bills and solar
a multi location energy intensive business Time or Location shift to take advantage of TOU price differences
e.g. Energy Aware Internet Routing
a Software and Service vendor Don’t enter your prices, import them automatically
e.g. my Energy Detective could use prices

This is just the tip of the ice-berge, If you are interested in getting early access to our API’s, drop us a line at We’d love to hear from you.

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