Tariffs, Transformers and Danzig


Tell your children not to walk my way

Tell your children not to hear my words

What they mean

What they say


–Danzig.  (Mother is the internal name of our first app.)

Genability expanded its operations and grew headcount by 400% in November.  We’ve now got Jason, John, San and myself (that’s me, Emile).

I joined last week and right away I saw there’s a lot I’m going to need to learn about the power industry.   How it’s made, how it’s transported and how it gets to my home.  I’m finding it fascinating.  I never spent much time before thinking about the energy grid and the supporting infrastructure that allows my fridge to operate around the clock and ensure my Coors Light mountains stay blue.  I’m also learning neat stuff like how the relative cost of generating solar has gotten dramatically closer to that of non-renewable sources.

There are lots of people doing a lot of things right now in the energy sector.  For example, curb your power usage and EarthAid will pay you.    BuyCleanEnergy.org is working hard to get one billion kilowatt hours of clean energy purchased in 2010.  A typical home uses 1000 kwh a month so that means (calculator break) 420,000 households would need to sign on for 24-hour clean energy for a whole year to reach that number.  Right now they’re just over half a million so while it looks like they won’t achieve it this year, kudos to everyone who made the change.  And next year it should be even higher.

And then there is us.  We’d like to think we’re doing some kinda cool things too.  First up, we’re tidying up a lot of messy data about energy pricing and tariffs and tiers and putting all of this behind a clean, elegant and <insert synonym for awesome> web service.  Smart devices become smarter.  Consumers become smarter.  The planet gets healthier.  Everyone wins.  And I’ll bring my cold Coors Light to the party.

But we’ve still got a lot to do before that.  Check back with us soon and we’ll have more to share.

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